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Cleaning made easy

no subscriptions, no ties.

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Finding a good cleaner can be difficult. That's why we did all that hard work for you. We've interviewed and vetted all our cleaners.

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We know that it can be difficult to schedule our daily tasks. That's why YOBI lets you book truly on-demand. Your local, trusted cleaner is just 90 minutes away.

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Let us take care of the cleaning, so you can free up your time for the things that make you happy.

Happy customers, happy homes

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Loved it! Agne is very efficient :D.- DEBORAH BOOKED CLEANING IN OSLO

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Truly on-demand

Book in 60 seconds. YOBI Cleaner will be at your door within 90 minutes ready to do the job. Simple as that. We connect you with one of our great cleaners straight away. No contracts, no subscriptions, no advance bookings. Cleaning just when you need it.

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Per-minute pricing

Pay exactly for the time your cleaning takes. Not a minute more. Our innovative system counts the time from the start of the job until the moment the cleaner stops the job. It gives you flexibility and you always pay just for the time you need.

no manual required

Find a cleaner, pay online, relax

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Find a great cleaner nearby

Enter your postcode and in a few moments we will match you with a pre-vetted, experienced cleaner in your area. One who's just right for you.

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Manage everything online

Manage your bookings and pay your cleaner online. You can order from our website or app.

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Go do something fun

That's it! We wanted to add a third step, but there isn't one. You just need to figure out how to use those few hours a week you just got back.

Find a cleaner, pay online, relax 299 kr/hr incl. MVA

book now

an honest clean

Trusted cleaners, guaranteed

We only work with cleaners that we've interviewed and vetted. Cleaners we'd be happy to have clean our own homes. We'll match you with a cleaner from your local area, so when you find your cleaner on YOBI you are supporting independent micro-business in your neighbourhood.

  • Local professional cleaners

  • Interviewed and vetted

  • Dedicated customer service

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